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Sunday, February 3, 2008

All Bundled Up

Yesterday we decided to go on a stroller ride. It was sunny but cold. Ellie got all bundled up, and off we went. It wasn't so bad, except when someone hadn't shoveled their sidewalks, then we had to go four wheelin', or off roadin'. Ellie didn't mind the rough terrain at all, or the cold, she was quite bundled up. After awhile it wasn't so much fun tromping through the snow and I decided to go home. Ellie had fallen asleep by then.

Today, we went to Grammy & Grampy's for a Super Bowl Party. There was a big snowstorm and there were big piles of snow everywhere. We bundled Ellie up again. Big mistake, not going to the grocery store last night, the store was crazy, at least in the soda/chip/and junk food aisles. Again, Ellie didn't mind, she was all bundled up and warm and just fell asleep until we got to the party. Daddy is teaching her to like football. Yay!

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K J and the kids said...

So cute.
Love the ears and the blankets