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Monday, January 28, 2008

Gloomy Day

The weather is definitely fitting my mood. I have to go back to work tomorrow and its getting me down. I mean, how can I be without that smile all day long??
I didn't think I would want to stay home with Ellie as much as I do. It isn't all that fun, and it can be boring and tedious....there is only so much crap tv I can stand, but it is really what I want to do. However, I must go back to work, and just be thankful that I have family that can take care of her while I'm away. Thank you mom and Sue. Tomorrow will definitely be a challenge, getting up early, getting ready, getting Ellie ready and to Grammy's house and to work by 7! How ever am I going to do it??? Hey, people all over the world do it everyday...I can too!!!! Wish me Luck!


Cris said...

I am gloomy too....I want so bad for you to stay home with Ellie for awhile longer...I am praying hard for something to happen for you.
But gloom changes to giggles when I look at those new pics! What a face! Never in my life have I seen a baby face that puts so much happiness into me.

K J and the kids said...

Start at 5 am and you'll be fine.
Thanks for letting me join your blog :)

She is SOOO stinking cute.

Oh and don't apologize for yesterday. I was too busy being sick to notice any foul mood on your part :) ha ha

Things will work out. Don't you fret. They always seem to.